Airbus at Hyderabad show


ACJ318 on display for first time in India

ACJ318 main cabinAirbus will display an Airbus ACJ318 at the Hyderabad
show, marking the first time that any of the company’s bizjets is exhibited in India.

The Airbus ACJ318 on display is operated by Abu Dhabi-based Al Jaber
Aviation, which offers it for VVIP charters in a spacious and comfortable
arrangement with 19 seats.

“Corporate jets such as the Airbus ACJ318 are primarily business tools
that save time and enhance productivity, but are also an extension of the home
and office facilities of company executives and world leaders, who want to take
into the air what they have on the ground,” comments Airbus chief executive
officer, customers, John Leahy.

“With the widest and tallest cabin of any bizjet, existing or planned,
Airbus corporate jets are best placed to deliver this work and lifestyle
benefit,” he adds.