Air Engiadina orders S76D


New helicopter will be operated in UK and Switzerland on VIP flights

Sikorsky Aircraft has received
an order for one S-76D helicopter from Swiss-based Air Engiadina.

“We thank Air Engiadina
for their confidence in Sikorsky Aircraft products,” said Alex Sharp,
Sikorsky European regional sales manager. “The S-76D helicopter will bring
outstanding safety, reliability, proven performance and value.”

Air Engiadina, as owner, has operated an S-76A+ for more than 20 years in the
VIP transport role in the United
Kingdom under PremiAir Aviation’s air
operator certificate. The company added an S-76C++ helicopter in 2009. The new
S-76D aircraft will be operated in the UK
or Switzerland
for VIP and passenger flights.

“Air Engiadina chose the S-76D helicopter due to the fine quality of the
airframe, the high standard of the equipment and the great support of the
manufacturer,” said Air Engiadina chief executive Martin Rufener.
“These attributes will provide continued high aircraft availability.”