Air Charter Service starts taking European Championship bookings


Justin Bowman

Air Charter Service has started booking aircraft for this summer’s European football championship being held in France.

The company has already booked more than twenty aircraft through its London office. The championship kicks off on 10th June 2016.

“As soon as the draw was announced on 12th December, people were on the phones, inquiring for teams, supporters, sponsors and the media.”

Justin Bowman, Group CEO said: “As soon as the draw was announced on 12th December, people were on the phones, enquiring for teams, supporters, sponsors and the media. With new budgets coming into play this month and next, we now seeing a lot of those initial enquiries turning into bookings now.”

“We often are kept very busy at major sports events, especially when the geographical locations of consecutive matches don’t seem to make sense. This year England’s first two games are more than 600 miles apart (more than ten hours’ drive on a coach) and then their third game another almost 500 miles. A lot of people will be looking at quicker methods of transport than on the roads. It was worse during the World Cup in Brazil – England’s first game was in the heart of the Amazon, in Manaus, and their second game was 2,500 miles away on the coast, in São Paulo,” added Bowman.

Bowman said: “Having an office in Brazil proved invaluable in helping us obtain permissions and slots at the airports for that tournament and our French office will no doubt provide us with priceless assistance this summer.”

“We’ve already made a number of bookings this year and we expect a new wave of interest next month, as demands from travel agents and supporters’ groups is increasing,” Bowman added.