AIC reduces policy premiums


AIC Title Service has lowered its fees on its policy premiums.

The company provides title insurance to protect against various different situations, including where transactions in escrow haven’t been completed properly, and federal tax liens up to $250,000.

“After years of experience, the board of AvSure with great excitement are able to reduce the premiums on upper levels of coverage. This will allow clients to have the security of title insurance for a greatly reduced price. The cost on a $4,000,000.00 policy is now $4,900.00 which is a 25% reduction and for a $20,000,000.00 policy is now $11,300.00 which is 50% of what is was in the past.” said Clay Healy, owner, AIC Title Service.

Effective immediately there will be a 25% reduction on policies over $3 million, and a 50% reduction on those over $10 million.

“The reason for the reduction is new reinsurance contracts that greatly reduce the cost of insuring these coverages for AvSure. This is a win-win for the clients and for AvSure. Title Insurance is the only way to push the risk of title issues to someone that will fight for you as an owner or lender.” added Healey.