Aeronautical Accessories to sell TrueView EVS


TrueView EVS will be distributed by Bell Helicopter subsidiary

Bell Helicopter has announced that it has
formed a distributor partnership to sell products from TrueView Enhanced Vision
Systems (EVS) under its Aeronautical Accessories brand. TrueView EVS’
infrared thermal imaging system improves flight safety in compromised flight
conditions such as darkness or low light/low visibility conditionsand virtually
eliminates the chance of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT).

Under the agreement, Aeronautical
Accessories will distribute TrueView EVS infrared enhanced vision systems

TrueView EVS’s infrared thermal imaging
system is supplemental type certificate (STC) certified in the United States
and Canada for Bell 206B and 206L series aircraft. In addition to the
existing products, TrueView is currently developing other systems for
additional helicopter models including the Bell
407 and Bell

“We are pleased to add the TrueView infrared
thermal imaging systems to our product offering and look forward to expanding
this category in the future,” said Jennifer Lunceford, sales manager for
Aeronautical Accessories. “The addition of these systems to our catalog is
another example of how Aeronautical Accessories is proving our commitment of
providing innovative solutions at reasonable prices to our customers.”

“We appreciate Aeronautical Accessories’
recognition of the quality, performance, and marketability of the TrueView EV
systems,” said Thomas Madden, president of TrueView Enhanced Vision Systems.
“Like Aeronautical Accessories, TrueView EVS is committed to superior
performance and assuring a perfect fit to Bell Helicopter airframes. With an
accomplished marketing partner such as Aeronautical, we will be able to focus
our resources on rapidly expanding the company’s EVS product line.”