Aegle Aviation granted Aruban economical authority with their AOC soon to come


Aegle Aviation has been awarded its Aruba Economic Authority licence by the Ministry of Transport and soon to follow will be its Aruba Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

The Minister of Transport Mr. Crispin Romero will present the Economic Authoirty licence, to Aegle Aviation’s CEO Mrs. Joyce Kee, at the Registry of Aruba Booth #P89 during EBACE 2018, Wednesday May 30th.

The Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba and AEGLE Aviation N.V. are excited about the prospects of AEGLE Aviation N.V. completing its proving runs and will soon be issued with its Aruba Air Operator Certificate. (AOC)

AEGLE Aviation’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms Joyce Kee is proud of her team ‘This is an important milestone for AEGLE Aviation and we are very pleased to have achieved it. Now, our clients can place their aircraft in the charter market and fully utilize its usage. We foresee an increase in this segment and the team is extremely pleased to work with the Aruban Registry to achieve this”.

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