Advanced Aviation Research’s Jill Ann Wilke dies


Jill Ann Wilke, president and CEO of Advanced Aviation Research has died.

Her husband Robert Wilke, MD, Advanced Aviation Research posted on the social network platform LinkedIn: “On July 29th, 2023, this world lost a truly extraordinary woman. Jill Wilke, president and CEO of Advanced Aviation Research passed away after a 10-month battle to regain function after a severe brain bleed that occured on September 22nd, 2022.”

Headquartered at Boca Raton, on Florida’s east coast, Advanced Aviation Research was founded in 2016 and is a Certified Woman Business Enterprise. The organisation provides lenders engaged in financing turbine-powered business aircraft with technical, operational and auditing support services to manage and reduce asset and portfolio value risk.

Wilke said: “Jill is survived by her devoted husband of 44 years, Robert (Bob), her loving children Claire and Michael, her mother Jeannette, sister Amy Malkasian, brothers Dan and Tom, and nephews Sean, Mathew and Remy, as well as her loyal guardian Rottweiler, Casey and cat Ella.”