Adam Shire, Holman Fenwick Willan


Business jet lawyer based in London. Also deals with ship finance.

LEADING LAWYER DIRECTORY – Adam Shire, Holman Fenwick Willan

Business jet lawyer based in London. Adam also deals with ship finance.

Adam Shire


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Adam’s advice

“Be realistic and fair. Do not try to score points or amend a document just for the sake of it. Remember legal implications, but try to have a commercial overview and work as a team to close the transaction.

“You must avoid losing your temper, getting things out of proportion and falling out with your counterparty lawyer. Missing a deadline is not particularly sensible, either.”


“As with most things, I got into aviation by chance. As a young associate lawyer, I was asked to assist on a Virgin Atlantic financing. I still look out for VHOT at Heathrow! I then started to specialise in corporate jets and find the personal aspect of these deals much more interesting. It’s always fun to find out who is the ultimate beneficial owner; it could be anyone from a rock star to a chicken farmer.”

Official biography

Adam specialises in ship and aviation finance; acting for banks and other financial institutions and for owners on finance transactions, including syndicated, bi-lateral and club loans; corporate jet loan and lease transactions; advising on sale and purchase of ships and aircraft and ship and aircraft registrations.