Action Aviation issues statement regarding Hamish Harding onboard Titan Submersible


Hamish Harding, Action Aviation ©Corporate Jet Investor/Specialist Insight

Action Aviation herewith confirms that our esteemed Chairman, Hamish Harding, is currently on board the Titan Submersible at the Titanic site.

Both the Harding Family and the team at Action Aviation are very grateful for all the kind messages of concern and support from our friends and colleagues. We are thankful for the continued efforts of the authorities and companies that have stepped in to aid in the rescue efforts. We put great faith and trust in their expertise.

Captain Hamish Harding, a licensed Air Transport Pilot, a Living Legend of Aviation, inducted in 2022, a three Guinness World Records holder, an Explorer and an Entrepreneur, is an extraordinarily accomplished individual who has successfully undertaken challenging expeditions, including but not limited to One More Orbit project (the record-breaking circumnavigation of the world), a flight to Space with Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket as a Commercial Astronaut (NS-21 Mission) and the reintroduction of Cheetahs from Namibia to India. He has travelled on a submersible to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench and has been to the South Pole a number of times.

The team at Action Aviation are extremely proud of Hamish and we look forward to welcoming him home.

The Harding Family and Action Aviation politely request privacy at this time.