A business jet, two racing cars, two road cars, a fighter jet and a super bike had a race – which one won?


With Istanbul New Airport getting ready to open in October, the team behind the opening decided to hold a drag race down two of the parallel runways. Because two aircraft were involved, the straight-line course also included taxiways for the Superbike and cars.

On one runway sat a Bombardier Challenger 605 and on the other was an F-16 fighter jet.

Using the taxiway was a Red Bull Formula 1 car, an Aston Martin Vantage, a Tesla Model S GT, a Lotus Evora and a Kawasaki Ninja superbike.

The idea was simple: First past the finishing post wins.

The video below, posted online by Turkish state broadcaster TRT, shows the race and the winner, so if you don’t want the result spoilt for you, please stop reading now.

If you do keep reading, just take a moment and work out who you think will win.

Done? OK let’s talk about what happened.

As you’re reading this on an aviation website, the chances are that you would have thought that the F-16 would have won. After all, it goes from 0 to 60 in less time that it would take you to read this sentence, and has a top speed of over 1,350 mph.

And then there is the Challenger 605. You would have assumed a slow start, but as the engines spool up to maximum it would be a contender.

If you thought either of these aircraft would win, you would be wrong.

The bike and cars get off to the quickest start. Something to do with torque and power to rate ratios says our in-house gearhead. The Challenger 605 business jet gets off to the slowest start, presumably as it’s the heaviest of all the vehicles in the race.

Fastest off the line is the superbike, followed closely by the Red Bull Formula 1 car. Both set off at quite a frightening speed, especially the superbike.

And once it’s in the lead, the superbike doesn’t ever lose it, crossing the line just ahead of the race car.

Behind it is the F-16, and then several of the cars, before the Challenger finally crosses the line. The video, unfortunately, does not show the full results, but the Challenger is shown to be the last finisher, so we will have to assume that it came in last.

You can watch the video below to see the race for yourselves.