4AIR partners with Cambridge’s Aviation Impact Accelerator


4AIR has partnered with the University of Cambridge’s Aviation Impact Accelerator to research and develop tools to achieve net zero flight — aka no additional climate-changing emissions from flight activity. The partnership is being financed by 4AIR and its Aviation Climate Fund.

Kennedy Ricci, 4AIR’s president, said: “In order to meet ambitious sustainability goals such as Net Zero Flight, we will need future technologies that enable actual emissions reductions within the industry beyond offsets and SAF. 4AIR launched the Aviation Climate Fund to achieve this by supporting research and development for future aviation emission reduction solutions.”

 The Aviation Impact Accelerator is looking for reductions across the entire system, from the sources of power and raw materials to the production and transport of fuel and the introduction of new aircraft technologies and operations. According to 4AIR, this should provide a comprehensive picture of the situation for decision-makers to guide support around new technologies.

 Professor Rob Miller, director of the Whittle Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, which co-leads the Aviation Impact Accelerator, said: “Aviation is one of the most carbon-intensive forms of transportation and enabling the shift to Net Zero Flight will require a complete technological and infrastructure shift. We welcome 4AIR’s support in identifying solutions and developing ways to bring the full range of stakeholders into the debate about how best to achieve this ambitious, but absolutely critical, goal.”