4AIR now available to Jet Linx customers


Jet Linx Aviation customers can now join 4AIR’s sustainability ratings system in a celebration of Earth Day yesterday. Jet Linx customers, if they opt in, will begin at a Level 1 Rating, under which the carbon dioxide emissions from their aviation activity will be offset 100%, leaving their travel carbon-neutral.

4AIR is working with Jet Linx to help its customers drive positive change while accelerating the creation of a sustainable future for aviation,” said Kennedy Ricci, 4AIRs president. By opting into the 4AIR Level 1 programme, Jet Linx customers will fly carbon-neutral, helping to prevent climate change, protect the environment and support projects that promote sustainable economic development globally. As we mark Earth Day 2021, we applaud Jet Linx and its customers for their commitment to protecting our environment.”

Under the opt-in programme, 4AIR will verify the flight activity of Jet Linx customers, calculate the emissions from their flights based on fuel use and then purchase credits that reduce carbon emissions. Those include  renewable energy and the expansion of carbon-absorbing forests.

The credits are verified through organisations, such as Verified Carbon Standard (VERRA) and The Gold Standard. Participating customers will pay for the carbon credits through an additional fee.

Jet Linx president and CEO, Jamie Walker, said: The Jet Linx difference is taking a more focused and personalised approach that is responsive to the needs of our customers. Increasingly, we have heard from them that they want to act on their values, including contributing to improved sustainability. The 4AIR Rating Program enables them to reduce their carbon impact, doing their part to fight climate change in a way that makes sense economically. We look forward to working with 4AIR to help our customers have an impact on our world.”

Jet Linx customers taking the first step of making their travel carbon-neutral have a clear path for increasing sustainability, according to 4AIR. For example, jet card users could move to a higher Level 2 rating by making their travel emissions-neutral, offsetting not just carbon dioxide emissions but other pollutants including soot and contrails. Owners could go even further and, by opting-in to using Sustainable Aviation Fuels, be eligible for a Level 3 Rating.

As mentioned the partnership announcement was made on Earth Day, an annual event held on April 22nd to show support for environmental protection. Earth Day was first held on in 1970, it now includes a global range of events coordinated by EarthDay.org including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries.