328 Design wins Legacy ACARS contract


328 Design GmbH has won a contract to design, install and certify an ACARS for an Embraer Legacy executive jet.

328 Design GmbH has won a contract from a new customer to design, install and certify an Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)
for an Embraer Legacy. This system enables real-time messaging between pilot
and air-traffic controller thus increasing efficiency of the communication,
eliminating mis-communication due to poor radio conditions and reducing
workload. ACARS is an ARINC registered system that has enhanced communications
between flying aircraft and the ground.

328DO head of design organisation, Joerg Gorkenant
said: “This is another modification that shows how 328DO is making a name for
itself as an avionic system solutions provider.”

328DO offers many customised engineering solutions
including SATCOM, Wifi access and other system enhancements for any aircraft
type. The 328 group has a portfolio of
over 200 STC’s (Supplementary Type Certificates) on aircraft types ranging from
the Hawker to Airbus, as well as many helicopter types.