FuelerLinx releases latest version of interactive fuel map


Axiom Fuel Planner released

FuelerLinx Axiom Fuel PlannerFuelerLinx
has announced the release the latest version of its aviation fuel planning
software, with a new feature that displays operators’ own negotiated contract
fuel prices on an interactive route map. The patented new feature, called Axiom
Fuel Planner, displays real time fuel prices at all airports in range of every
stop on a flight route.

now, operators have never been able to see all of their contract fuel price
options surrounding the stops along their route,” said FuelerLinx president
Kevin Moller. “Our clients say that if they’re making a tech stop for
refueling, they can save 20-40 cents a gallon by landing at an airport less
than 50 miles from their planned stop. The Axiom Fuel Planner map lets you
compare all nearby fuel prices to save the most money.”

Axiom Fuel Planner is a game changing tool,” said Alexandria Williams, director
of client relations. “Before, operators had to download spreadsheets from their
contract fueler, find their best price at each FBO for each stop on their
route, and then repeat that process for every fuel network they subscribe to.
They certainly couldn’t see fuel prices at nearby airports. With the new map
feature, they can visualize all that information at once. We think it will
completely transform fuel planning for business operators.”

the Axiom Fuel Planner feature, FuelerLinx is even more powerful,” said Kevin