Air Partner sees rise in monthly private jet enquiries


Air Partner UEFA

UK-based charter group Air Partner has seen a rise in monthly private jet enquiries ahead of the UEFA’s Europa League final, on May 29, in Baku, Azerbaijan, and its Champions League final, in Madrid the next day.

This year, all four finalists are English football clubs, which helps explain the rise in demand from fans to fly to both destinations. However, many are now facing difficulty with booking flights due to the limited number of commercial airline seats available. Baku is especially challenging to get to, as it is not serviced daily from London.

As a result, requests received by Air Partner have risen by 12% from the same period last year. A press release published by the company said people are looking to avoid “paying several hundreds of pounds for a budget flight.”

Air Partner already has a healthy reputation in the sports world, having now flown 12,000 passengers, 120,000 miles, to 65 airports in 42 countries for football-related events. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the company flew a number of international teams, families and corporate sponsors.

For a return trip to Madrid on a 6-seater Light jet, customers will pay approximately £21,000, while a return trip to Baku on an 8-seater Midsize jet is approximately priced from £43,000.

A spokesperson for Air Partner said: “A majority of Air Partner’s enquiries are coming from within the UK.”