JSSI announces built-in WiFi coverage on bizjets


JetSuite's business jet fleet is now completely Wi-Fi equipped.

Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), allegedly the biggest provider of maintenance work for business aircraft, has announced that WiFi will now be included with all of its new airframe programmes. Previously, it simply provided the service as an add-on for those willing to pay for it. The new Wi-Fi equipment and related component coverage is included now, at no additional cost.

George Kleros, Senior Vice President for the Strategic Event & Fleet Support, at JSSI, says that cabin entertainment systems used to be the focus. However, in the past five years, the demand for using personal devices on business jets has risen strongly.

In fact, Kleros says, if you were a part 135 operator, “In the last five years, you could not charter a jet without WiFi – this is for the big jets only.” The need for higher bandwidth now supersedes most other amenities on a plane.

“And people are willing to pay for it,” states Kleros, “they’ll pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for it.” Some high-end installations to get WiFi systems fitted will cost up to $200,000.

That said, however, WiFi systems are yet to match the systems existing on people’s telephones or elsewhere on the ground. Kleros says, “We’re still lagging by a few years, but the demand for multi-device connectivity on bizjets does not seem to be waning.”

Aircraft that operate globally will be fitted with more than one system, so as to provide the service to meet the requirements of those financing and using private jets. Kleros says, the more the system gets used, the faster it’ll wear out.”

WiFi systems typically have a warranty of two years which, with moderate usage, will not require replacement. The increase in aircraft on ground (AOG) issues are present when the airplanes are high-flyers, flying up to 3,000 hours a year.