Q1 2022

  • Publisher’s Letter: Facing the future-face-to-face
  • Day in the life: Runway to The White House – Gregg Brunson-Pitts, founder, Advanced Aviation Team.
  • First Look: Gulfstream G700 – We talk to Gulfstream president Mark Burns about the aircraft.
  • Connectivity: ‘A game changer.’ Our connectivity survey, conducted in partnership with Inmarsat.
  • Flapper: Spreads its wings – CEO Paul Malicki explains why the company is poised for international expansion.
  • Stratospheric ambition: Solar explorer Raphaël Domjan dreams of piloting his solar-powered plane to the stratosphere.
  • Report: CJI Miami 2021 – “This is the uppest of up markets we have ever seen,” said one speaker.

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