Corporate Jet Investor London 2023 – Presentations



Thank you to everyone who joined us for CJI London 2023.

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08.45 Why is business aviation under attack
How serious a threat is the industry facing?
How can the industry fight back?
Athar Husain Khan, EBAA


09.05 new versus pre-owned?
EMEA versus the rest of the world
The wait for new aircraft?
Moderator: Wayne Starling, IADA
Alex Fecteau, Boeing Business Jets
Hamish Harding, Action Aviation
Zipporah Marmor, ACASS
Fabrice Roger, JSSI
Pascal Bachmann, Jetcraft
Matt Rosanvallon, Freestream Aircraft


09.55 How do brokers stand out?
Don Dwyer, Guardian Jet
Steve Varsano, The Jet Business


10.25 From Russia with Sanctions
How are governments targeting business jets?
What effect are sanctions having?
Buying and selling Russian aircraft
Providing MRO and technical support to Russian aircraft
What has happened to the Russian fleet?
Alan Cunningham, Ernst & Young
Jonathan Russell, Jaffa & Co
David Hernandez, Vedder Price
Heather Gordon, Martyn Fiddler


11.05 Morning Coffee hosted by Gama Aviation

11.35 One small step for business aviaiton…one giant leap for FBOs
Adel Mardini, Jetex


11.55 Money Talks
Has the market fundamentally changed?
Business aviation versus other sectors
Moderator: Ford von Weise, Citi Private Bank
Rob Stallard, Vertical Research Partners

Sheila Kahyaoglu, Jefferies
Myles Walton, Wolfe Research


12.35 A new player in the ULR market
Is the ACJ TwoTwenty an ULR jet?
Where is the value?
Chadi Saade, Airbus Corporate Jets


12.55 Lunch hosted by Stonebriar Commercial Finance

14.25 How Asia’s business jet market has tilted
When will China come back?
Moderator: Sarah Kalmeta, Pivot Point
David Dixon, Jetcraft Asia
Darren Broderick, ACAM
Nadav Kessler, Asian Sky Group


15.05 Around the world in 20 minutes
David Paddock, Jet Aviation 


15.25 Selling jets in the metaverse
Attracting new customers 
Is it too early?
Jeffrey Lowe, Asian Sky Group
Kenny Landau, Mytaverse


15.45 Afternoon Tea hosted by TAG Aviation

16.15 Will the US keep leading the market?
How has the market coped with sudden growth?
What is the future for flight departments?
Are we seeing a more balance market?
Moderator: Eddie Gross, Vedder Price
Stephen Friedrich, Embraer Executive Jets
Andy Priester, Priester Aviation & Mayo Aviation
Fabian Bello, Journey Aviation
Jessie Naor, GrandView Aviation


17.00 Do we need to worry about pandemics again?
What other medical risks should operators prepare for?
Simon May, FlightCare Global


17.20 The interest in business aviation 
How do high interest rates affect loans and leases
Are ESG policies a threat to business jet finance?
Loan to values and aircraft values
Moderator: Mark Bisset, Clyde & Co
Vivek Kaushal, Global Jet Capital
Don Walsh, Stonebriar Commercial Finance
Johan Blitz, UBS Switzerland
Marie-Laure Gassier, BNP Paribas


Wednesday 8th February – Day 2

08.35 Is the market turning
Richard Koe, WINGX
Don Spieth, General Aviation Services


09.10 Transparency in Business Aviation
Are owners more jet savvy?
What do clients need to know now?
Karl Mills, TAG Aviation


09.30 Why SAF is key to the future of business aviation
Looking at demand and supply
Why 2023 is a key year for supply?
The three pathways for SAF
Carbon costs
Moderator: Nancy Bsales, 4Air
Jonathan Wood, Neste
Toby Edwards, Victor
Sven Rieve, Air bp
Elouisa Dalli, Jet Aviation


10.10 Morning Coffee hosted by Jet Aviation

10.40 Phish and chips – cybersecurity
Is cyber security more important now?
Who is targeting aviation?
The importance of transactional integrity
Moderator: Mike Stones, Corporate Jet Investor
Bruce Marshall, AIC Title Service
Jack Gilchrist, Gilchrist Aviation Law
Joan Roberts, IATS

Andrew Douglas, Make Tech Fly
Katie Bancroft, Jaffa & Co


11.20 Making Pre-buys fun
Do maintenance programmes  simplify or complicate?
Simplifying technical aspects of transactions
Are borescopes still needed with engine monitoring?
How will pre-buys look in five years
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Aoife O’Sullivan, The Air Law Firm
Delray Dobbins, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Justin Kral, GE Aviation
Megha Bhatia, Rolls-Royce
Chris Buchholz, Crew Chiefs Corporation


12.00 The new connectivity world
Where are we now and where are we going
LEO vs MEO vs Geostationary – what does it all mean?
Moderator: Craig Foster, Valour Consultancy
Jason Sperry, OneWeb
Nazeif Habboub, Collins Aerosapce
Adam Sheppard, Honeywell
Shuaib Shahid, Gogo Business Aviation


12.40 Lunch hosted by Freestream Aircraft

14.10 The importance of Safety to Business Aviation
Moderator: Robert Baltus, EBAA
Sidhant Sharma, 2REG
Richard Smith, Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands
Mike McCready, ARGUS


14.50 Now is the time: Bizav at its best
What is the industry currently getting right?
How are we innovating to keep the momentum
Paul Walsh, EBAA
Duncan van de Velde, Textron Aviation
Myra Perez, Netjets
Chay White, Luxaviation
Nigel Warren, FlightSafety


15.30 The diversification contemplation
Is it no longer enough to focus on one business area?
Will we see more diversification?
How to maintain core values?
Tim Ford, Gama Aviation

15.50 Afternoon Tea hosted by ARGUS International

16.20 A View from the Stage
Where are aircraft values now
Appraiser versus broker perspective
What has 2023 got in store?
Moderator: Johnnie White, ASA
Brendan Lodge, JSSI
Chris Miller, Shearwater Global Capital
Chris Reynolds, Aircraft Bluebook


17.00  Is the post Covid charter bounce slowing?
Moderator: Catherine Buchanan,
Daniel Rudas, Hahn Air Lines
Patrick Lucy, Avinode
Glenn Hogben, The Air Charter Association
Ian Moore, Vista



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