Corporate Jet Investor Dubai 2023 – Presentations


Thank you to everyone who joined us for Corporate Jet Investor Dubai 2023
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DAY ONE – 3rd May

 09.35 Aircraft Management 2023
Do owners understand the value they get?
Are supply chains improving?
The battle between local and foreign operators

Moderator: Sid Sharma, 2-REG Aircraft Registry
Roger Barchha, Jet Aviation
Darren Broderick, ACAM
Paul James, DC Aviation Al-Futtaim


10.15. Large Jets & the middle east market  2023
Alex Fecteau, Boeing Business Jets

10.35 Is the aircraft market turning
Aircraft supply versus demand
How are values changing?
How OEMs are supporting the market
Moderator: John Farrish, InFlight Law
Michael Long, Global Jet Partners
Hamish Harding, Action Aviation
Simon Davies, Global Jet Capital




11.45 Competing for aircraft – The UAE FBO market
UAE FBO business levels
Differentiating your FBO
What effect did the FIFA World Cup have?
UAE FBO forecast volumes
Tom Murphy Gama



12.05 Why buyers should pay their brokers
What can the profession do to raise it image?
How can professional standards be maintained?
Ivan Veretennikov, Arcosjet




12.25 Investing in business aviation
Opportunities in the Middle East versus rest of the world
Investing in operators versus other verticals
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Rob DiCastri, Serenity Aviation Holding
Asad Rahman, Jetquity








14.15 Rise & Fall of FBOs
How competitive is the FBO market?
Where are the new opportunities?
Adel Mardini, Jetex


14.35 Sustainable business aviation
How can aviation become carbon neutral by 2050?
Making SAF in the Middle East
What will be the key fuel stocks?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Puja Mahajan, Azzera
Kennedy Ricci, 4AIR





15.45 The rise of India
Balancing demand with infrastructure
Is now the time for management companies?
Financing Indian aircraft
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Sanjay Julka, Club One Air
Nilesh Pattanayak, Bombardier




16.20 Saudi Arabia – Build it and they will come  
Local versus foreign operators 
Can Saudi become the region’s hub?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Abdullah Al Haider, Saudia Arabia General Authority of Civil Aviation
Hamzeh Zaza, Jet Aviation



DAY TWO – 4th May

09.35 Fireside chat: Vista 
Youssef Mouallem, Vista


09.55 Making business aviation more efficient
The role of technology in operations
How can AI help?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Marco Crescenzi, Jet Aviation
Alex Ebert, GE Aerospace
Aviv Ohayon, JSSI Maintenance Software



10.35 Trip support solutions: Meeting client demand through evolution
Mohammed Al Husary, UAS International Trip Support


11.15 Business Aviation Cabin Safety – Reality Bites!
Mark Kammer, Dynamic Advanced Training


11.35 Understanding the bizliner market
How do bizliners depreciate?
New versus conversions
Does the ACJ TwoTwenty compete with bizliners?
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Severine Cosma, Comlux  
Alex Fecteau, Boeing Business Jets
Hamish Harding, Action Aviation
Chadi Saade, Airbus Corporate Jets


12.15 Global broadband for business aircraft of any size: how LEO will enable new opportunities
Shuaib Shahid, Gogo Business Aviation


14.00 The Hague Court of Arbitration for Aviation
Paul Jebely, Withers Worldwide


14.20  Opportunities in advanced air mobility
Why the Middle East is a key market
Will business aviation operators lead the way?
Moderator: Paul Jebely, Withers Worldwide
Daniel O’Neill, Skyports
Ramandeep Oberoi, Falcon Aviation




15.00 How has the Russian invasion affected business aviation
Managing sanctions risk
Selling Russian aircraft
How to stay out of jail
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Derek Bloom, Atlantic Aviation Legal
Paul Jebely, Withers Worldwide 
Ollie Tebbit, Watson Farley & Williams

Article by Derek Bloom: How to Buy an Aircraft from a Russian Seller


Thank you for joining us!

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