Corporate Jet Investor Asia 2019 – Presentations

Thank you very much for attending Corporate Jet Investor Asia 2019

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Wednesday 12th June 2019 

1.  The state of the market


Which countries are up and down?
How big will the Asian fleet get by 2020?

Jeff Lowe, Asian Sky Group




2. The view from the hangar

What are the biggest headaches for operators?

Will Asia see operator consolidation or failure?

Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Jolie Howard, TAG Aviation
Richard Porter, ExecuJet
Joe Reckling, Jet Aviation




3. The evolution of business aviation in Asia Pacific
Khader Mattar, BombardierIf you would like to follow up on the Bombardier presentation, please email [email protected] and we will put you in touch with a representative from Bombardier. 



4. Airlines versus business aviation – which passengers have the best experience?
Are business jets as comfortable as first class on Singapore?

Do we need to rethink privacy on private jets?Nils Uelledahl, BMW DesignworksNils’ presentation is not available for download however, if you would like to follow up, he is happy to receive any questions via email. Please contact [email protected] 



5. Getting with the programme

What should maintenance programmes cover?

Issues when aircraft are sold
How do they affect values?


Moderator: David Crick, DavAir Group
Quentin Bond, JSSI
Michael Mechler, Rolls-Royce
Steve McManus, GE Aviation




6. Who wants to run an aircraft registry

A quick guide to different jurisdictions

Where can off-shore registries make the biggest difference?
Which transactions fit different registries?


Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, CJI
Filipe Albuquerque, The Registry of Aruba
Len Cormier, Bermuda Aircraft Registry
Paolo Lironi, 2-Reg
Simon Williams, Isle of Man Aircraft Registry





7. Smart decisions with digital data


Andy Hudson, Down-Route





8. Flying within Europe – the idiosyncrasies of the European Union

Why importation is important (and you do not want your aircraft seized)
How Brexit affects flying (if anyone knows by now)


Lasse Rungholm, OPMAS 



9. Sanctions 101

The difference approaches that countries take
What happens when clients end up on the list

What to do if your client breaches sanctions


Moderator: Scott McCreary, McAfee & Taft
David Hernandez, Vedder Price
Mark Bisset, Clyde & Co.





10. Hot Air, Cold Feet and High Stakes, Crisis Planning & Response

Peter Coles, Clyde & Co.
Paul Freeman, Clyde & Co.





11. Medical support at altitude, why bother?


Sarah Magee, Philips



12. An A, B, C of the future of business aviation

It is not just for the young to enjoy.
The future is something we can all shape and it is available right now.

James Hardie, Collins Aerospace 





13. Whose deal is it anyway?


An interactive quiz for financiers looking at what deals they want – and what does not work for them.


Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Alex Badran, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Violet Kwek, Global Jet Capital
Ford von Weise, Citi Private Bank
Don Walsh, Stonebriar Commercial Finance





 14. Reflections on how Asia’s business jet market has changed


The rules of selling aircraft in the region
How will the market look in 20 years


David Dixon, Jetcraft Asia, author, I Sell Planes



Thursday 13th June 2019


1. Brokering a deal


Moderator: Chris Miller, Shearwater Aero Capital
Oliver Stone, Colibri Aircraft
David Dixon, Jetcraft
Dominique Trinquet, Boutsen Aviation




2. Political risk: What to worry about in Asia

Where are the flashpoints to worry about now?

Where will the big problems come from in the future?

Steve Wilford, Control Risks






3. Finding advice to close deals


Getting deals to close

What are the biggest transaction blocks
Is there enough information or too much out there


Moderator: Jaslyn Chan, JSSI
David Crick, DavAir
Ikhsan Alfahmi, JSSI / TAG Aviation            
Scott McCreary, McAfee & Taft 




4. Underwriting issues

Current insurance market underwriting issues

Flight planning and insurance glitches for 135 operators
N registered aircraft based in Asia underwriting issues


Moderator: Ed Underwood, Avsurance
Nick Bridges, MS Amlin
David Hernandez, Vedder Price 





5. Aviation infrastructure challenges

How do airports view business aviation?
Will business jets always get crowded out?
Why foreign director investors fly in on business jets

Moderator: Sarah Kalmeta, Universal Weather & Aviation
Abdul Charafeddin, UAS International Trip Support
Sheree Cheung, Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre
Maximilian Motschmann, IJM
John O’Meara, Aviation Concepts Technical Services Inc





6. Using credit solutions to enhance growth and finance

Steve Taylor, AON





7. The view across Asia


How are other markets faring?
Selling business aviation in different markets?


Moderator: David Wearmouth, Gama Aviation
Kris Constantinides, Airflite

Geo Han, GH Aero International
Jeff Lowe, Asian Sky Group
Sergio Oliveira e Silva, Gama Aviation





8. Asian business aviation revolution 2030

The shared economy

Disruptive technologies
Global connectivity
Urban mobility

Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
James Hardie, Collins Aerospace
Nadav Kessler, Asian Sky Group
Mike Walsh, Aer Mobi





9. Selling new jets in Asia

What are buyers looking for?

What are the biggest hurdles?
How competitive is the market


Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Corporate Jet Investor
Claudio Camelier, Embraer
Nilesh Pattanyak, Bombardier
Rocky Zhang, Textron