Opinion: TAG’s design flair is a great investment

Alasdair Whyte


There is something special about TAG Farnborough Airport and this will add to its value when investors look to exit from their $154 million investment.


Hangar 1 Farnborough Airport

There is something special about TAG Farnborough Airport.

Designed by Matthew Bedward an architect at BBlur, and project managed by former TAG employee Simon Horsley’s company Inseen, Farnborough Airport is one of  a very few airports that live up to the elegance of the inside of a business jet.

Although the control tower and main building are very eye-catching the airport has thought about every aspect, including making the hangars attractive.

“Airports are about big skies and are very horizontal and the new hangars reflect this,” says Bedward. “The wave design relies on arches so is very efficient and elegant.” He adds that they allow clear views across the airport.

The £5 million ground support is an example of their attention to detail. “Ground support equipment is of course very important but it is also not very attractive,” says Brandon O’ Reilly, chief executive of the airport. “It is very messy to have things like tow trucks and lawnmowers around. It may not sound very exciting but the building will approve the look of the airport significantly.”

TAG Aviation and five individuals have invested £100 million in the airport. Although the airport is profitable it will take many years to get a return on their investment. But if they ever decide to exit they are likely to get a lot more that the £100 million.

TAG Farnborough Airport



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