New charter marketplace app financed by operators

CJI Team

A new business jet charter marketplace named JET&CO has been launched, financed by the operators themselves.

It is claimed that the new online service has been created to improve the on-demand flight market, by providing a neutral platform for end-users. In effect, the aim is to provide business-jet users with a means of quickly selecting the best charter option to suit their needs.

JET&CO says this helps reduce the costs not only for the end-user but also for the operators as well.

Development and running costs of the app have been financed by business jet operators. As the operators own the app, they can offer flights without commissions being charged.

Currently, the company says that it offers flights largely in Europe but is working on extending the service worldwide with the ultimate goal of full coverage of the US. To do this, JET&CO says that it plans to enrol at least 10,000 aircraft worldwide.


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