London Heliport ends relationship with Barclays

Terry Spruce

London Heliport is seeking a new sponsor, after three-year relationship with Barclays comes to an end.
Formerly known as Battersea Heliport, The Barclays London Heliport is London's only licensed heliport.
The Barclays London Heliport is London’s only licensed heliport.

The London Heliport in Battersea has ended its three-year relationship with Barclays and will cease to be known as the Barclays London Heliport.

The Heliport’s contract with Barclays will expire at the end of April. “We are now inviting expressions of interest to the business aviation industry or other complementary sectors,” says Simon Hutchins, general manager of London Heliport.

“Being London’s only heliport, with all the affluence and global business activity carried out here, the opportunity may suit an overseas organisation, luxury brand or financial house keen to expand its worldwide awareness and promote its brand to our discerning clientele,” added Hutchins.

Barclays’ branding features throughout the heliport, as is shown in Corporate Jet Investor’s video below.


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