Investec: A different approach

Alasdair Whyte

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Investec’s aircraft finance team offers both commercial and corporate aircraft finance and has a reputation for innovative deals. It manages the Investec Global Aircraft Fund, an innovative Australian commercial aircraft fund, and has closed deals that other banks have walked away from.

“We are very adaptable,” says Michael Weiss, head of aircraft finance, based in London. “If a deal makes sense we will do it.”

The bank, started as a South African leasing company in 1974 and now a large asset manager and specialist bank, concentrates on South Africa, the UK and Australia. But the aircraft finance team is also strong in select markets. “We have been active in India – very active in fact on both the commercial and business jet market,” says Weiss. The aircraft finance team is also looking at opportunities in China.

Investec’s aircraft finance team specialises in financing corporates and operators with the private bank financing aircraft for individuals. The London team specialise in international deals with the Johannesburg office, led by Melanie Humphries, focusing on Africa.

The London team prefers deals with a minimum size of over $15 million and prefers larger business jets. The bank’s last deal was for a Challenger XRS. It is happy financing helicopters particularly ones operated in the oil sector. “Our key message is that we are adaptable and keen to work with clients,” says Weiss. “If the asset and credit make sense we will always consider it.”


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