European business jet activity shows early signs of encouragement

CJI Team

February 2013 saw a year-on-year improvement for European business jet activity in terms of hours flown – according to the latest Business Aviation Monitor published by WINGX – despite marking the 11th consecutive monthly YOY decline and continuing the sector´s double dip recession.

The report showed strong signs of encouragement in Ukraine, Turkey, Scandinavia, Germany and the UK, when compared with February 2012.

Business aviation fared less well in Spain, Greece, and Italy and particularly France, where demand fell four per cent year on year.

If growth in flights from France had been neutral, business aviation activity would have actually growned by one per cent across Europe year-on-year.

Aircraft types

Ultra-long-range jets entered their 14th month of consecutive YOY growth in activity, with charter flights growing by 19% YOY.

At the other end of the market, the mid-size, super light and light segments lost four per cent, five per cent and five per cent respectively, although the Gulfstream 150, Learjet 45 and Cessna CJ4 all saw spikes in activity.

Bombardier, Gulfstream and Dassault fleets also added activity in February, YOY.


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