David Gilmour appointed chief executive at Air BP

Terry Spruce

AirBP, a global provider of fuels and lubricants, has named David Gilmour to replace Andy Holmes who has led the company for three years.

Gilmour has been CEO of Air BP since 2009, and has many years’ experience in the sector as well as in global marine fuels, lubricants and marketing.

“Air BP has been growing in recent years and is an ever more important part of BP’s refining and marketing business,” said Gilmour. “We will continue to invest in our operations and infrastructure to support the needs of our commercial, military and general aviation customers around the globe, especially in the growing aviation markets. Our primary focus is to ensure safe and reliable operations at the airports we serve and for our customers.”

BP entered the aviation fuel business in the mid-1920s. Air BP is the aviation services division of BP and markets aviation fuels and specialist products around the world.


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