Fishtail Air AS350 B3 used as air ambulance

Terry Spruce

Fishtail Air AS350 at HilsaA Fishtail Air AS 350 B3
carried out an air ambulance flight from the Hilsa glacier, 10,700ft up in the Himalayas.

A man met with an
unfortunate accident on his motorbike close to the Chinese border and fractured both his legs. He required better medical
attention then could be given at Hilsa, so a Fishtail Air helicopter was needed
to transfer him to hospital in Kathmandu.

The AS350 B3 flew from Kathmandu Airport, stopping at Simikot then flying
on to Hilsa.

Fishtail Air has a fleet of
four helicopters, three AS350s and a Bell
206B Jet Ranger and all are available for charter and air ambulance rescue.
Fishtail Air is the largest helicopter company in Nepal.


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