Airbus delivers the first ACJ321 corporate jet

Terry Spruce

Airbus has delivered the first ever ACJ321 business jet to Comlux, which becomes the first company to have operated all types of the corporate Airbus A320 family of aircraft.

The new aircraft is now being outfitted with a VVIP cabin by Comlux America in Indianapolis and is due to be completed in 2014.

“Comlux has established a reputation that is synonymous with comfort and luxury, and the Airbus ACJ321 will enable us to offer our customers even more of that in the air,” says Comlux, the aviation group president & CEO Richard Gaona.

“We have operated the Airbus ACJ318, ACJ319 and ACJ320, so the ACJ321 brings a new dimension to our fleet while also being an easy addition, because of its cockpit and maintenance commonality. This is an important year for Comlux because we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. We started to operate the ACJ Family in 2006 and to date we have flown more than 15,000 charter hours on our Airbus fleet. This record is a great achievement for a private jet operator and shows the sustainability of Comlux in the large-cabin business aviation market,” Gaona concluded.


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