European business jet departures decline as hours increase

CJI Team

Global Express

There were 63,000 European business aviation flights in May 2013, with business jet departures declining by 1% year-on-year despite the number of flight hours actually increasing.

The latest monthly Business Aviation Monitor published by WINGX claimed the market was affected by a slump in activity in Germany, small gains in the UK and further growth in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Private flights declined in Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Poland, where as charter activity increased in Spain and Portugal. Russia and Spain also gained business jet activity, but lost turboprop and piston flights.

Regarding aircraft types, ultra-long range jet activity grew by 16% year-on-year and VLJs gained 5% activity at the expense of the struggling light jet market.

Gulfstream was the only manufacturer to increase activity across all aircraft segments, with Bombardier also gaining activity.

The Bombardier Global Express and King Air 200 triumphed as the most popular aircraft, with the Challenger 600 and Cessna Bravo picking up charter activity.


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