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LEADING LAWYER DIRECTORY – Diego Garrigues, The Air Law Firm

London-based business jet lawyer specialising in multijurisdictional aircraft transactions, purchases and sales and aircraft financing.

Diego Garrigues


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Diego’s advice

“Get yourself aviation experts (and make sure the other party does as well) to hold your hand through the process: Brokers, tax advisors, insurance brokers, and of course aviation lawyers. It is important that you do not drag on negotiations on standardised terms in the industry.”


“I didn’t get into aviation, I was drowned by it! I applied for a training position at Iberia Airlines over a decade ago and from day one I loved it and haven’t looked back since then!”

Official biography

Diego specializes on multijurisdictional aircraft transactions, purchases and sales, aircraft financing (with an specific focus in the General Aviation industry). Diego’s expertise also includes commercial agreements including aircraft maintenance, operating, and charter agreements. Whilst working as a legal counsel at Iberia Airlines in Madrid, Diego handled commercial contracts, data protection and litigation cases including criminal, civil and administrative cases, aviation losses, claims against airport authorities/operators and air traffic control and day-to-day passenger injury claims.


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