Credit Suisse: Leading the big jet market

Alasdair Whyte

Credit Suisse’ aircraft finance team focuses on large business jets and corporate airliners. It is particularly strong in Europe – including Central Europe.

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Many neutral market participants consider Credit Suisse to be one of the leading financiers of large business jets and corporate aircraft for European, Middle Eastern and Russian ultra high net worth individuals.

There are a number of reasons that it is strong in this market: Credit Suisse Private Bank is big, it employees 24,200 people; the private bank also focuses on ultra-high net worth individuals, who buy large aircraft; it is strong in Europe, Euromoney magazine named it Private Bank of the Year; and it also survived the credit crunch well, avoiding a bailout so did not have the same liquidity concerns that other banks faced. The bank is also committed to business jet finance with specialist teams in Zurich and Lausanne.

Although the number of jets it finances in Europe each year is not disclosed one manufacturer says it is more than anyone else.

Credit Suisse offers finance leases, mortgage loans and pre-delivery financing. The bank will work with private individualsanywhere in the world except North America. Whilst it is active in Asia – and has lent to Indian clients – the bank’s main focus is on Russia, the Middle East and Western and Eastern Europe. It typically finances aircraft for existing private banking clients although it will consider non-customers ocasionally.


  • Credit Suisse: Leading the big jet market

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