Bangor International Airport at Business Airport World Expo

Terry Spruce

                         Bangor in the snow
Bangor International Airport will showcase its capabilities at the Business Airport World Expo being held at Farnborough between 19 – 21 March 2013.

Located on America’s north eastern seaboard, just 3,123 miles (5,026 km) from London, the New England airport is the closest US port of entry from Europe.

”We’re well known for our quick turn-around times,” says marketing manager Risteen Bahr, who will be leading this year’s BGR delegation at Farnborough.  “But we also offer other efficiencies, both to cargo carriers and to corporate and executive jet owners and operators,” she adds.  “And because the airport owns the FBO we have complete control over how services are delivered and can keep a tight rein on costs.”

With an 11,440 ft. (3,486m) CAT III runway, Banfor is able to handle corporate aircraft of any size.

“We also have a great weather record, staying open in the most adverse conditions when others are unable to cope,” says Bahr. “Even with the latest storms, which dumped 3 ft. of snow along the east coast and grounded thousands of flights at other airports in the region, it was business as usual at BGR.”


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