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Although often associated with luxury, the main use of private jets is to boost efficiency for business people.
Although often associated with luxury, the main use of private jets is to boost efficiency for business people.
In the second part of our top 10 most stylish private jets, we salute the owners of 10 aircraft that are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

You know the drill by now. You buy a private jet for a myriad of different reasons, but realise that your garish, green paint job will get you noticed wherever you fly.

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Rather than face questions from the board, investors – or even your partner- about why your aircraft was seen in Cabo when you should have been hard at work in New York, you decide to repaint your aircraft into a dull overall white scheme, with maybe a bit of a blue cheat-line to liven things up a little. Congratulations, you now blend into the crowd (but don’t forget to register with the FAA’s Block Aircraft Registration Request programme or your movements can still be traced).

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In this article, we take time to salute the aircraft owners that want to stand out; the people who aren’t content with blending into the background, having their aircraft disappear into a sea of boring Euro white when parked around other private jets.

This time around we look at the second top 10, the equally-deserving private jets that just missed the cut when we published the first list in December 2013.

1. Jackie Chan’s Legacy 650 (N688JC)

Jackie Chan's Legacy 650 N688JC (Photo: Alud Davies)
Jackie Chan’s Legacy 650 N688JC (Photo: Alud Davies)

With the instantly recognisable red and gold colours of China that sashay across the fuselage like a dragon in flight, this Legacy for Embraer’s brand ambassador Jackie Chan was always going to stand out from the crowd.

Often seen in Beijing and Hong Kong, the Legacy 650 will soon be joined by a Legacy 500, with the early drawings showing that the 500 will adopt the same scheme as the 650.

2. Captain America’s Citation Mustang (N264CA)

Citation Mustang N264CA  (Photo: Westleigh Bushell)
Citation Mustang N264CA (Photo: Westleigh Bushell)

There’s something about Cessna Citation Mustang (msn 510-0381 / N264CA) that makes you want to get up out of your seat and shout “USA! USA!”

Sadly no longer registered as N264CA (now N26WF), this Captain America-themed Citation Mustang thrilled visitors at the annual NBAA business aviation show in 2011 when it appeared in the static display.

3. Unusually green Dassault Falcon 7X

Is it black or green? Falcon 7X OY-FWO (Photo: Olivia B)
Is it black or green? Falcon 7X OY-FWO (Photo: Olivia Mouhot)

The paint scheme on this Dassault Falcon 7X is a little odd to say the least. At a distance you could swear its an overall black, but once you get closer you’ll see it’s a rather unusual shade of green.

If the registration seams familiar, it’s because we featured Phenom 300 OY-PWO in our first installment of top 10 most stylish private jets.

4. Tropical Gulfstream G550 (N528AP)

Palm beach G550 N528AP (Photo: Malcom Nason)
Palm beach G550 N528AP (Photo: Malcom Nason)

Need to be reminded that you’d rather be on a tropical beach? The owners of this globe-trotting Gulfstream G550 certainly do.

Based in Provo, Utah, our guess is that the owners aren’t too keen on the winters there, where the average January temperature struggles to get above minus six degree centigrade, which must certainly fuel dreams of a tropical getaway.

5. Devilishly good-looking Gulfstream II (N666SA)

Gulfstream II N666SA (Photo: Malcom Nason)
Gulfstream II N666SA (Photo: Malcom Nason)

At 40-years old, Gulfstream II N666SA is the oldest aircraft in our round-up, and proves that looks don’t fade as you get older.

Based in Malaysia, this dark Gulfstream II goes as far as to have the operators name on the tail, and turns heads wherever it goes. Not only for the wonderful noise it makes, but also for the great scheme.

6. Blocky, wavy Gulfstream G550 (N312P)

Wavy G550 N312P (Photo: Bob Holland)
Blocky wavy G550 N312P (Photo: Bob Holland)

Something about the tail of Gulfstream G550 (msn 5366) N312P reminds us of the London Olympic logo, but we’re sure that’s unintentional.

This simple scheme, that only uses two colours shows what can be done to stand out from the crowd, without throwing a paint can at the aircraft.

7. Lightning-fast Citation X (N751AJ)

Citation X N751AJ (Photo: Russell Hill)
Citation X N751AJ (Photo: Russell Hill)

This Cessna Citation X (N751AJ), based in Scottsdale, Arizona wants you to know that it’s one of the fastest private jets around.

Painted in a scheme that makes it look like it’s moving fast even when it’s sitting still, this Citation X has recently had winglets fitted to complete its speed-freak look.

8. Azerbaijani Gulfstream G550 (4K-AI06)

Azerbaijian G550 4K-A106
Azerbaijian G550 4K-AI06 (Photo: Smiley)

One of two Gulfstream G550s on the Azerbaijan aircraft register, the fade-to-white scheme of 4K-AI06 is simplicity itself.

Another aircraft that proves that you don’t have to use lots of colours at an aircraft, this G550 has one of the most beautifully simple schemes around – and we’re hoping that the owners paint their Gulfstream G650 in the same colours when it’s delivered next year.

9. True blue Falcon 900 (HB-JIN)

Falcon 900LX HB-JIN (Photo: Bob Holland)
Falcon 900LX HB-JIN (Photo: Bob Holland)

Swiss registered Falcon 900EX HB-JIN goes for an overall silvery, blue scheme, and tops it off with more blue, just in-case you were wondering what the main colour is.

Based in Zurich with Jet Aviation Business Jets, this Falcon is often seen at airports around Europe, turning heads wherever it goes.

10. Royally rare Gulfstream IV (9M-ISJ)

Ultra rare Gulfstream IV 9M-ISJ (Photo: Alud Davies)
Ultra-rare Gulfstream IV 9M-ISJ (Photo: Alud Davies)

Rarely seen outside of its native Malaysia, and worthy of an article all by itself, the Sultan of Malaysian state Johore’s Gulfstream IV sure does look regal.

Mixing the blue and gold colours so commonly associated with Royalty – and the coat of Arms of His Royal Highness the Sultan of Johor on the tail – this Gulfstream IV stands out from the crowd wherever it goes. It’s just a shame that few people actually get to see it.

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Disagree? We thought you might. If you think we have missed out a far better jet or totally disagree with our list, please let us know and we will publish the best suggestions in a follow-up article.


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