Dassault Falcon 2000S: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

Dassault Falcon 2000S business jet.

A buyer’s and investor’s guide to the Dassault Falcon 2000S business jet.



It offers transatlantic range alongside the ability to land on short runways — whilst boasting one of the largest cabins in the super-midsize market.


Overshadowed by the Falcon 2000XLS which provides the same large cabin but with an extra 650nm of range.

Dassault is best known for making business jets with three engines, – however the Falcon 2000 line is one that has just two. Despite the lack of a third engine – which is not necessarily a bad thing – the main selling point of the 2000S is that it offers a cabin size usually found in large jets for the price of a super-midsize jet.

2000S Flying

A maximum range of 3,852miles/6,200km/3,350nm, the 2000S can fly nonstop between city pairs such as New York and Paris or Dubai and Singapore.

Optimised airfield performance is a major advantage that the 2000S has over the competition. A fully slatted wing allows the 2000S to fly into airfields with shorter runways – with a take-off distance of just 4,325ft and landing distance of 2,315ft at typical landing weight.

The 2000S is also qualified for steep approaches – allowing it to land at airports such as London City and Lugano. This means it can utilise more airports than some competitors — allowing passengers to land closer to their final destinations.

More impressively, the 2000S can land at 95% of its maximum takeoff weight. This means owners can choose to refuel only at their base airport – where fuel is usually cheaper – rather than after every leg.


The cabin is what differentiates the 2000S from every other super-midsize jet on the market. A width of 7ft 6in and maximum headroom of 6ft 2in makes it the largest, most-spacious cabin in its segment. This makes longer flights far more comfortable for passengers – and provides a practical space in which to work or relax without feeling cramped.

The cabin layout can include two sets of double-club seating with tables as well as an aft lavatory and a large galley at the front of the cabin. Satcom and high-speed Internet are also available.

The aircraft features the FalconCabin HD+ system, which supports portable devices and allows access to play Blu-ray DVDs – with links to 10 individual screens. Passengers can also command cabin functions, such as temperature and lighting though an iPhone or iPad.

Dassault Falcon 2000S cabin

The cabin is designed by BMW DesignworksUSA. Photo: Dassault

The 2000S has been fitted with sound-dampening engine mounts as well as acoustic insulation in order to reduce noise in the cabin – allowing for a more peaceful flight.


The 2000S is Dassault’s current entry-level model and, as such, it is the least expensive – with a list price of $29 million – making it around $5 million less costly than the further-flying Falcon 2000LXS.

Despite its capabilities, not many aircraft have been sold (currently the active fleet stands at 42) – and anyone who wants one most likely already owns one.

Dassault Aviation Services (DAS) offers 24/7 support – including engine maintenance – for the 2000S. Although an expensive programme, it is said to be one of the best OEM support services available – making unscheduled maintenance slightly more bearable.

Blended winglets on the 2000S provide a 5% reduction in fuel burn according to Dassault – reducing operating costs and emissions. According to Conklin & de Decker, variable operating costs are $2,824 per hour. The Legacy 500 and G280 cost marginally more to operate, costing $2,906 per hour and $2,910 per hour respectively.

AMSTAT data shows that fixed operating costs for a Falcon 2000S are $459,997 per year — accounting for crew training and salaries, maintenance tracking, hangarage costs and insurance.


Dassault 2000S Hard facts

Maximum range: 3852miles/6200km/3350nm

Maximum speed: 661mph/1,064kmh/Mach 0.862

Typical passengers: 4-6

Typical crew: 2

List price for new aircraft: $29 million

Price range for pre-owned aircraft: $20 million – $25 million


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