Bombardier Global 8000: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

Bombardier Global 8000

Bombardier Global 8000

The Global 8000 is the latest addition to Bombardier’s family of Global long-range business jets.

The Global 7000/8000 aircraft has a total of 39 aircraft announced orders after the 2011 Paris Air Show. Currently there are seven known orders for the Global 7000 with an order from NetJets for 20 aircraft, where Netjets has yet to determine what number of each aircraft it needs. The Global 7000’s main selling point is space not speed or range.

Hard Facts

Range: 9,098 miles/14,631 kms/7,900 nautical miles
Typical passengers: 8 (typical) – 19 (high density)
Typical crew:  
2 – 4
Cabin space: 2,236 ft3 / 63.32 m3
Maximum Speed: 594 mph/957 kmph/mach 0.90  
Recommended cruise:
564 mph/907 kmph/mach 0.85
Competitor aircraft: Challenger 850ER, Global 5000, Global 6000, Global 7000, Falcon 900DX, Falcon 900EX EASy, Falcon 7X, Gulfstream G500, G550, G650
How much does a new Global 8000 cost? $65m
First delivery: 2016
Aircraft manufacturer:
Engine manufacturer: General Electric
Engine type (number):
GE Passport (2)


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