Beechcraft King Air 360: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide


Beech King Air 360

Beechcraft King Air 360 is an up to date version of the King Air turboprop. The basic cost of the King Air 360 is US$9.255m (current at Autumn 2023)

The King Air 360/360ER has just achieved the 100th delivery of the popular twin-engined turboprop. The customer for the 100th aircraft was the Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Centre. This delivery further solidifies the Beechcraft King Air’s place as the world’s most popular family of business turboprop aircraft.

The Beechcraft King Air 360 is designed and manufactured by Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. company.

Thecockpit has the Pro-Line Fusion avionics suite



Length: 46ft8in / 14.2m

Height: 14ft 4in / 4.4m

Wingspan: 57ft 11in / 17,65m

Cabin Interior

Height 57in / 1.4m

Width: 54in / 1.37m

Length: 19ft 6in / 5.9m

Maximum Occupants: 11

Baggage Capacity

Weight 1,150lbs / 522 kgs

Volume 71.3 cu ft / 2.02 cu.m


Max Ramp Weight 15,100 lbs/ 6,849 kgs

Max Take-Off 15,000 lbs/ 6,804 kgs

Max Landing Weight 15,000 lbs/ 6,804 kgs

Usable Fuel Weight 3,611 lbs/ 1,638 kgs

Usable Fuel Volume 539 gall /2,040 litres


Max Cruise Speed  312 ktas/ 578 kmh

Max Range 1,806 nm/ 3,345 km

Take-Off Field Length  3,300 ft/1,006m

Landing Distance  2,692 ft/821m

Max Operating |Altitude  35,000 ft/10,668m

Max Climb Range 2,700 fpm/  823m


Manufacturer pratt & Whitney Canada

Model PT6A-60A

Power Rating 1,050 shp

Propeller Hartzell

Description 4 blade, constant speed and auto feathering


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