Airbus ACJ TwoTwenty: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide



Space and cost. A huge cabin with more than 90 styles and layout with an impressive range.


The ACJ TwoTwenty will fly up to 5,650nm (10,500km) the equivalent of over 12 flight hours. However that is about 1,500nm short of a Global 7500’s range. Although there are 90 styles and layouts you do not get the same customisation with other ACJs or Boeing Business Jets – but you cannot get a new one for anything like this price.


Airbus launched the ACJ TwoTwenty on October 6 2020 to create what it is calling the extra-large business jet category. Due to enter service in 2023. Twice as quiet and with up to 25% less fuel burn than other aircraft of its size (30m body length), the ACJ TwoTwenty also boasts triple the cabin space and, Airbus reports, is the most environmentally aircraft in its category.

ACJ has taken the A220 – originally launched by Bombardier as the C-Series – and turned it into a business jet. Comlux has an agreement to complete the first 15 allowing buyers to get a widecabin aircraft for the same prices as an ultra-long range jet. Which boasts a longer range than its airliner cousin, A220-100, thanks to added fuel capacity.


The ACJ TwoTwenty will fly more than 5,500nm which, although less than an ultra-long range jet, is still over 12 flight hours, and means the aircraft is able to directly connect city pairs like London and Los Angeles, Moscow and Jakarta, Tokyo and Dubai as well as Beijing and Melbourne. Flights longer than this are rare for most VVIP users. Airlines are already operating A220 aircraft, but the TwoTwenty has significant modifications – including five auxiliary fuel tanks.

With a top speed of Mach 0.82 or 629mph the TwoTwenty also boasts the ability to access virtually all significant business aviation airports globally thanks to its 5,249ft (1,600m) takeoff distance. In fact, its cousin the A220-100 is the largest aircraft able to operate within London City Airport, where space is at a premium. The ACJ TwoTwenty has a body 35m in length with a wingspan of 35.1m.


This is where the jet comes into its own. It may not fly as far as an Ultra-Long range jet but it offers three times more cabin space.

With 73m² (785 ft²) of floor space distributed over six VIP areas, the ACJ TwoTwenty will cater to up to 18 passengers in a cabin 23.7m long and up to 3.28m wide. There will be a Wi-Fi system across the whole cabin and further innovations, such as electro-chromatic windows, LED lighting, large full-lie flat seats, a US-king size bed, a standing rain shower and a humidifying system onboard.

The A220 already has very large windows – so much so that airlines no longer need to light the cabin on day time flights.

ACJ’s designer Sylvain Mariner has proposed three styles for cabin interior so far – Avante Garde, Timeless and Clean Systems. These styles can then be rearranged into over 80 various cabin layouts.

In a first for Airbus, the OEM has partnered with Comlux, so the first 15 ACJ TwoTwenty aircraft will go to Comlux’s approved ACJ completion centre in Indianapolis. From there, Comlux is able to offer a customisable layout to meet the clients’ specifications. “We have worked jointly with ACJ and shared our long experience in operating and completing all types of aircraft, to allow the new bizjet to offer more comfort and the latest cabin innovations available in the industry,” said Richard Gaona, CEO, Comlux.


Potential buyers will be happy to hear ACJ, President, Benoit Defforge say the TwoTwenty possesses “unbeatable economics and reliability”.

Defforge told CJI the ACJ TwoTwenty had been created by combining the experience of Comlux and Airbus to create a unique aircraft. “Whether you are operating an ACJ 220 or a G500 life onboard is different. So, what you need to offer to the customers is different and the way you design the cabin is also different. So, we put all that together and created a unique product.”

The list price has not yet been fully disclosed.

Hard facts:

Maximum range: 5,650 nm/10,500 km

Maximum speed: Mach 0.82/629mph

Typical passengers:18

Typical crew: 3-4

Cabin space: 73m² ( 785 ft²)

List price for new aircraft (estimate): $70 – $81.5m.

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